MATT MULLENWEG

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) that powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. Mullenweg was born in Houston, Texas in 1984 and developed an early interest in technology. He started coding at the age of 11 and began contributing to the open-source software community as a teenager.

In 2003, Mullenweg co-founded WordPress with Mike Little, and the platform quickly gained popularity as a user-friendly and customizable CMS. Today, WordPress is used by millions of individuals and businesses around the world to create websites, blogs, and online stores.

Mullenweg’s vision for WordPress has always been to democratize publishing and make it easy for anyone to create a website. In a 2006 interview with the BBC, he said, “The real revolution of blogging isn’t the technology, it’s the people who use it. It’s the democratization of publishing.”

Under Mullenweg’s leadership, WordPress has evolved to become more than just a blogging platform. With the addition of features like custom post types, e-commerce integration, and multi-site capabilities, WordPress has become a versatile tool for creating all types of websites.

Mullenweg is also the CEO of Automatic, the company behind, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and other popular WordPress plugins and services. He is known for his commitment to open-source software and his advocacy for a free and open internet.

In summary, the vision and leadership of Matt Mullenweg have played a crucial role in making WordPress the dominant CMS that it is today. With his dedication to open-source software and democratizing publishing, Mullenweg has helped millions of people around the world share their ideas and build their online presence.