Facebook Will Soon Introduce WordPress Plugin To Its Instant Article – Jobs & Hire

Facebook made a wide roll out to its Instant Article that already reached its release date, the social media is now attempting to implement a WordPress plugin aiming at the millions of publishers using the known revenue.

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Facebook noted on a blog post by introducing the feature, claiming that the open source of WordPress publishing revenue has now powered more than 25% of sites on the web. The new plugin now offers its content creators an easily adaptive format to their articles such as blogs or media houses for mobile reader on Facebook.

The social media hopes that the new feature plugin would help soothe down any deficiencies publishers might have experienced in terms of the technicalities they had using Instant Article in the past.

Facebook provided an illustration with two examples in regard to how the plugin is used to optimize the creation of visuals and media for the articles that included a piece from the magazine of Foreign Policy.

Facebook’s partner of engineering team Chris Ackermann said, “Publishers that use standard WordPress templates can activate the plugin out-of-the-box to create Instant Articles,” also adding, “Publishers that want a more customized production experience can extend the plugin to support additional elements.”

The social network is also eager to know a publisher’s perspective on the feedback of developing the feature plugin. A site, called GitHub, allows them to directly post their opinion and thoughts on the feature or issuing a problem.

Instant Article was launched last year for people of Facebook that was designed to create a quick and immersive experience for publishers and other publishing partners such as Washington Post, New York Times. And it offers major perks for creators of contents, such as the advertising platform Facebook has to offer through its electronic publishing feature.