What Are the Advantages of WordPress Websites – 8 Tips to Consider

The main advantages of a WordPress Website are twofold. First they are easy to use, and secondly they are designed to be recognized and trusted by the search engines which encourages a better ranking, maybe even visible of the first page.

There are two types of WordPress Website. One is a free website hosted by WordPress themselves, many of which can rank very high in the search engines if they are suitably keyword rich. However, the disadvantage of WordPress websites hosted by WordPress is that if you infringe their terms of service, they will delete the site. On some occasions, you infringe their terms in error or without knowledge you were doing anything wrong. Yet the advantages of WordPress Websites, hosted by WordPress, is that you get a feel for the software and its possibilities before you set up your own site.

WordPress itself is a web design software that is free to download and when hosted by yourself can have so much more potential. When you use the free hosting, you don’t get the opportunity to have many extras (WordPress Plugins). These particular plugins can transform an ordinary site into a major player on the internet.

Advantages of a WordPress Website (when hosted on your own server) – 8 Tips…

1. The WordPress Software itself is built to be Google,Yahoo and Bing friendly. That’s 95% of the search engines covered.

2. Strangely, opposite to many website software, the end design of the site isn’t fixed. You have a choice of 1000’s of free website themes, plus 1000’s more designs that can be purchased. If you every wanted a singing and dancing website, WordPress is your answer.

3. WordPress Plugins… There are 20,000+ These are small additions to the website that make the WordPress Platform transform into a magnificent spectacle. If you wanted to display Google Maps, or have a form for collecting emails, or import RSS Feed Content into your sidebar, or have a shopping cart. Every possible requirement you want will have a plugin that will do it. 80% of these plugins are free.

4. Website scripting isn’t necessary. The user interface is simple to use. There is also the possibility of managing the site remotely, albeit slightly more advanced.

5. Although the search engines spot similarity between sites, you are able to make your site unique with small design tweaks, color changes and graphics.

6. Before you set up your own site, you’ll need to select a domain name. This very process could help catapult you to the top of search engines. Too many people think the domain name needs to be the same as their business name. Not so! You maybe called ‘Love Pet Dogs’; but your domain name would be better entitled ‘Dog Walking in New York’. You can have the logo as Love Pet Dogs, but it is what you’d expect people to type into the search box to find your business that’s important. Yet if everyone knows your company name (branding)… Then go with that for the domain name.

7. WordPress Pinging. Unlike many other web design software, WordPress has an inbuilt notification system to tell the search engines that a page has been added. This is called ‘pinging’. So every new page or post you make, WordPress tells as many pinging services as you choose to input; and then in turn they notify Google, Yahoo and Bing.

8. WordPress Interaction… One of the main Advantages of WordPress Websites is the facility to interact with visitors. The software has its own commenting system. A novice with a little help could set up a WordPress site within 15 minutes if they had a few basic instructions. The WordPress website has some videos to watch, but they really don’t go into great depth. If you wanted all the Advantages of a WordPress Website, you may want to follow an expert who can offer video and pictorial illustration.