The Best Widgets for Your Ecommerce Site

Before we can list the best widgets for an ecommerce site, it is interesting to know what an ecommerce widget is and how is it used. Your ecommerce site is basically a site that portrays and lists the products that you have either manufactured or procured. The motive is to make a sale of those products. The loading of these products onto your site or store online can be done with the use of widgets. Not only do these help to load the products, you can even use them to be distributed over the internet. It can also be used to create direct links for consumers to buy the products. This aide to the consumers helps them by making the buying process simpler, thus adding to your campaign’s rate of interest and also your conversion rate.

These widgets can also be linked to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. With the high volume of net users accessing these sites every day the traffic to your site can increase substantially if you just add your widget to your fan page. By doing this, your consumers can not only purchase your product, but also easily recommend it to their friends and family. These can be used to manually upload the products, but can also use the RSS medium.

WordPress is a popular CMS or Content Management System that helps to boost your ecommerce sales. This is the system that allows the automatic updating of the site with the current content online. Therefore, the best widgets are the ones that work in accordance with WordPress. The best five widgets for WordPress are GD Star Rating, Theme My Login, Popular Posts, Pretty Link and StatPressCN. The GD Star Rating plugin helps you to set up a rating system as well as a review system for all the posts, pages and comments that appear on your blog. There are a number of different types of rating stars. The associated widgets can be added to the sidebar. These will display the top ratings and other stats that have been created by the plugin itself. It is therefore the number one widget for WordPress.

The other widgets that are directly used for ecommerce and have the highest ratings include Amazon Store, EcWid Shopping Cart, ProductCart, TamingtheBeast, Live Shopping and ZenCart Master. These give you direct links to the respective ecommerce sites. The Amazon, EcWid Shopping, ProductCart and ZenCart will directly connect you to the shopping sites and here you can buy your various products. The LiveShopping is the widget that gives you the latest news on the various different sales and offers on different shopping sites. gives the latest development news, ecommerce and web marketing research to help you make the most of the ecommerce sites on the internet.