How To Make a WordPress Website with Elementor – 2022

Learn how to make a WordPress Website Step By Step!

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This WordPress tutorial is pretty much for anyone who is trying to make a basic website or just a general business website. We use a drag-and-drop builder called Elementor and it does not use any code or anything like that. I do hope this tutorial helps you all out with your WordPress website!

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Timestamps for this video

00:00 Intro
07:10 Get Hosting And Domain
13:47 General Settings
18:15 Make Pages And Menu
24:25 Design Website With Elementor Page Builder
38:00 Import Starter Templates
45:20 Import Demo Template
50:12 Design Tip
54:03 Theme Customizer
01:01:00 Switching WordPress Themes
01:04:30 Mobile Optimization
1:10:25 Elementor Advanced Features
1:19:45 Design Tip
1:23:22 Bonus Section!
1:25:37 Closing

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