How to Create a Profitable Blog

Ok so you really want to know how to create a profitable blog. I hope you know how to create a blog in the first place. If you don’t, there are plenty of tutorials on creating a blog at WordPress and at YouTube. That is the easy part.

You can create your blog at blogger or WordPress. I like WordPress myself. WordPress makes it easy with plenty of themes, plugins, and widgets.

The blog you create should be something of great interest to you. The reason for that is you will need to be blogging for some time. You will need to write posts and add pages. Just creating a blog is not going to help. Your blog has the same chance of being found as winning the power ball.

On your blog, please make sure it looks nice. Give it a clean and friendly look. What I mean by that is have your categories, pages and posts organized. Spend the time to set the look and feel up properly. As you are creating the pages, ask yourself this question: would I go there. If it doesn’t have your interest, it probably won’t have anyone else.

While you are creating your blog and for months to come, believe in yourself. You will need to do this. You are not going to put up a blog today and make $20,000 a month in a few months. Have the positive mind set and just write about the topic of your interest. There are always ways to monetize your blog and I will get to that. Again, believe in yourself.

On your blog, the posts should be short and informal. Write the posts as if you were talking to a friend or coworker who had the same interest. As people find your blog and read your post, they may comment. READ the comments. Your readers are what is important. Read the comments, and maybe you will learn and have to adapt your style. The interaction between you and your readers is what will get them to come back. Most internet marketers will say your money is in your list of email subscribers, and using autoresponders to (chat) with your list is how to make money. This is true as you will need to have contact with customer. It is said that a person visiting your blog or hearing from you will need to do so up to 9 times before a purchase is made. Creating your profitable blog takes time. See what I mean by having the positive attitude.

To stay in touch with your visitor, you should do the following. Allow people to subscribe to a blog, have a form on your blog that is giving away something. An example would be a free report. And you may also want to use a pop-up possibly giving them something. Give it away. I personally like pop-ups that go up when leaving my site. I feel it is less intrusive. Some free report that has a link back to your blog is invaluable. Use an autoresponder to stay in touch with these people. Don’t overload them, though. Send them their free report and say thank you for stopping by my In 3, 4 or 5 days using your autoresponder system send a quick note saying hi to the person, ask if they liked the free report, and maybe let know about any recent happenings on your blog.

Keep communication going in a friendly way. If you set up an autoresponder to email your list. I suggest that you follow up after giving away a freebie at days 3,7,12,19,30. This is keeping it friendly and not overloading their email. I know if I get too much email from someone pushy, I unsubscribe. You got a friendly subscriber, now keep it.

OK now I will talk a little more on the monetizing side of your blog. I see many blogs that way overdo it with Google AdSense. Your primary focus should not be a click leaving your blog by clicking on a Google AdSense ad, where you only get a little money. Your goal is to build a friendly relationship with your reader and during the course of the stopping by, or you email them, you suggest something that may interest them. This is where you make money. I like to use commissionjuction, paydotcom, and ClickBank.

I also like to try to incorporate items that may have residual income or earnings from backend sales. I hope you know what that is. Backend sales and residual income can be your golden nugget of your website. I spend time at and to get ideas to incorporate into what I may be doing.

Well, I wish you luck in your endeavours in creating a profitable blog. Please don’t overdo the monetization part of your blog. Don’t have 60 banners on it, and don’t suggest that 100 different programs are the best. Stay focused and be positive. You can do it.