Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power with Code

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I've posted a newer video here on YouTube about Block Themes and Full Site Editing!

Please check the pinned comment for information about changes to the JS & CSS files we're trying to load from the GitHub repository.

0:0:00 Quick Overview
0:2:06 Detailed Overview
0:12:05 Installing WordPress Locally
0:25:35 First Taste of PHP
0:41:55 Create Theme
0:54:20 Functions
1:09:14 Arrays
1:21:43 The Loop
1:36:10 Header & Footer
1:54:44 Convert HTML/CSS Into Theme
2:14:42 Interior Page Template
2:32:28 Parent / Child Pages
2:49:16 When do we need to echo?
2:58:17 Children Links Menu

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