10 Reasons Why You Must Use a Hosted WordPress

This article is written for only 1 reason, and it is to alert those people who are currently using FREE stuff like blogger or xanga or many others out there.

Just remember one thing, anything given for FREE most cases there is a reason for it =) I tried using blogger myself, and I end up using a hosted WordPress and I never once look back at using others.

Just in case you are not aware what WordPress is, it’s actually a free open source software at WordPress which you can download and install to create your blogs. However, the one that I am using is what we call a server based WordPress, which is much more powerful than the online free version.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Must Use A Hosted WordPress

1. There Are 3,000 Or More FREE Templates Themes You Can Use For Your WordPress Blog

In fact, I think it’s growing every day with more and more FREE Template Themes online every day, two of my favourite resources are Theme Viewer & WordPress Themes.

In those two website along you can find virtually hundreds of different themes and designs all for FREE and no other platform as that many resources compared to WordPress =)

2. Over Hundreds of FREE Plug ins For Your Hosted WordPress

WordPress Plugin Database is one such site where you can find tons and tons of interesting plug ins to help enhance your blogging experience with WordPress.

Some of them are so powerful that you can actually create a whole shopping cart or entertainment blog just by using the free plug ins available.

3. WordPress Blogs Has Powerful Categories

Blogger also has something similar called labels, but it’s not as powerful as categories on WordPress, because you can actually use these categories to do your search engine optimization to get rank high in search engines

4. User Friendly & Easy To Use

If you have tried WordPress or just sign up for hosting and install it, you will realize it is really simple to use. All you need in terms of knowledge is the know how’s of using Microsoft Words and Internet Browsers and you can actually start using or posting stuff on your blog quite easily!

5. 90% Of All Popular Blogs Use A Hosted WordPress As Their Platform

If you go to Technorati.com which they have over 107 Million blogs to date, most of them are using WordPress and the reason is because it’s very strong and expandable with hundreds of resources you can find online.

6. Integrated Password Protection For Valuable Information

If you have a selected pool of customers or readers you like to give them special information, you can actually password protect the post to prevent outsiders from accessing your information.

7. Seamless Integration With Videos And Audio

You can easily add videos from YouTube and Audio files too with the help of plug ins and this will allow your readers to have more powerful content for your sites.

8. Encourage Interaction With Your Readers

Because a blog naturally does one thing with readers and that is to interact with them in terms of getting feedback with comments, you see below. This is really important as with interaction with your readers, it allows you to be even closer to your readers and once you have built a strong relationship with your readers the chances they would buy something would be higher too.

9. Widget Ready Themes

Hate designing? Well, with simple widget ready themes, you can simply drag and drop menus around the blog quite easily by just dragging and dropping around the design. One such theme that I created with those features, you can actually download it for free at this link here.

10. Hosted WordPress Is FREE To Install!

Last but not least, the hosted WordPress is FREE to install and use as long as you have a domain name and hosted server you can host a WordPress for FREE, and it only takes about 3 minutes to set up one.


If you are looking for a good host to host your WordPress, I would highly recommend you use this host. It only cost US$7.95 per month, and they give you 600 GB of SPACE and 6,000 Bandwidth, which is A LOT!

Once you do that just go into your hosting account and install the WordPress to get started with your blog =) And if you need more details or step by step details how to start a blog just click here to get the guide book. Do leave your feedback below if you learn something from this article.